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Food and Drug Authority officials leave for G5 meeting in Iran

(Last Updated On: September 27, 2023)

Mahajer Farahi, deputy minister of publications of the ministry of information and culture (MoIC), says guidelines have been drawn up to regulate YouTubers in the country in order to prevent “disorder and chaos”.

In a conversation with the media, Farahi said that the ministry has started the process of distributing work permits for YouTubers in Afghanistan, and any person who wants to operate in this way must go to the Ministry of Information and Culture and obtain a permit.

“With this procedure, publications will become a standard, and publications that are against Islamic principles, against the customs and culture of our people, and against the prime interests of the country will be stopped,” said Farahi.

According to him, by implementing this procedure, non-professionals will also be prevented from working, and those who work on YouTube should at least have a degree in journalism or work experience in this field.

“We will not allow anyone to operate without the permission of the ministry,” he added.

Farahi also said that the ministry monitors all media and YouTube channels.

“Anyone who acts against the principles will automatically be summoned and will be advised and warned,” Farahi said.

Farahi added that no person or charity organization will be allowed to be abusive of needy people and must respect them.

“The aim of the ministry with this procedure is to use journalistic criteria to convey the problems of the people to the government and also to convey the message of the system to the people, and if the media in its true sense is in support of reforming society and creating harmony and unity among the people, they [media] can really play an essential role,” he said.

Farahi said that the Islamic Emirate is responsible for making necessary reforms in the field of publications.