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Recognition of Taliban Govt Depends on Treatment of Afghan Women: US

The US State Department says that the current regime of Afghanistan’s recognition depends on the behaviour of the Taliban leaders towards Afghan women.

Vedant Patel, the deputy spokesperson for the US foreign ministry, stated during a news conference that if Taliban authorities do not respect women’s rights, they will not only make Afghanistan fall behind but also undermine the international legitimacy of this country.

“We continue to have several tools to hold the Taliban accountable, as it relates to the Taliban’s treatment of women and girls that is a crucial peace, as it relates to their stated desire of international acceptance and legitimacy until they allow have of their population the same right, benefits and access as the other men said, Patel.

“Not only have they holding Afghanistan’s future back, but they also continued to stand in the way of their desire for international acceptance and legitimacy.”

Meanwhile, the UN also put conditions on the Taliban government’s recognition to respect women’s rights and human rights as the United Nations envoy to Afghanistan said, It will be “nearly impossible” for the international community to recognize the Taliban government as long as restrictions on women and girls in place in Afghanistan.” 

 On Wednesday, Roza Otunbayeva told the UN Security Council that the Taliban have asked to be recognized by the UN and its member nations, “but at the same time, they act against the key values expressed in the United Nations Charter”.

“In my regular discussions with the de facto authorities, I am blunt about the obstacles they have created for themselves by the decrees and restrictions they have enacted, particularly against women and girls,” Otunbayeva told the Security Council.

“We have conveyed to them that as long as these decrees are in place, it is nearly impossible that members of the international community will recognize their government,” Otunbayeva said.

Since the Taliban took control of the country in 2021, no country has recognized their government officially.