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Russians, Tourists Rush to Purchase Overseas Plane Tickets As mercenaries Head Toward Moscow

A truck transports a tank of Wagner private mercenary group along the M-4 highway, which links Moscow’s capital with Russia’s southern cities, near Voronezh, Russia, June 24, 2023. (Reuters).

Russians and foreigners rush to purchase plane tickets to leave the country as mercenaries from the Wagner Group approach Moscow, local outlets reported.

According to Kommersant, the cost of flights leaving Moscow on June 24 for nearby countries like Turkey increased by as much as fivefold, and almost no tickets were left as of the evening.

The situation is similar for flights leaving on June 25. Prices for Monday, June 26, were average, the report said.

Meanwhile, Wagner troops are marching toward Moscow, even though they shot the 7th Russian Helicopter this evening.

According to several media outlets report, on Saturday that a convoy of mutinous Wagner fighters commanded by senior Wagner commander Dmitry Utkin contains roughly 5,000 men and is approaching the outskirts of Moscow by road.

Dmitry Prigozhin, commander of the Wagner, had less than 25,000 soldiers available in total, with about 5,000 of them stationed in Rostov-on-Don, a major city in Russia’s conflict in Ukraine that Prigozhin claimed to have taken control of Al-Arabiya reported.

According to the insider, Wagner intended to establish positions in a heavily populated part of Moscow.

Earlier, the Russian Mercenary outfit Wagner said that its fighters had crossed the border into Russia from Ukraine hours after the Kremlin accused him of armed rebellion.

According to Prigozhin, his men would “destroy everything” that stood in their way as they tried to overthrow the country’s military leadership in Moscow.