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US Secretary of State signs MoU with Afghan Evac Coalition

(Last Updated On: June 13, 2023)

Deputy prime minister Abdul Salam Hanafi met with Carl Skau, the Deputy Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer of the UN’s World Food Program in Kabul on Monday where the two discussed the current situation in Afghanistan, a spokesman for the Islamic Emirate said.

According to the deputy spokesman, Bilal Karimi, Hanafi said that sanctions are not solutions and that it creates obstacles even against humanitarian operations, and he urged the international community to not neglect the effects of the long drought in Afghanistan, remove obstacles, and support development projects.

Hanafi also expressed his gratitude for the WFP’s assistance and help given to the needy and destitute people of Afghanistan. He also asked for more assistance for the people.

Hanafi pointed out that since the IEA took control of the country, security has been established and the country is no longer at war.

“With its brave decision, the Islamic Emirate declared amnesty, banned the use and trafficking of drugs, treated drug addicts and collected beggars from different places. However, despite that, the assistance of the international community, especially the United Nations, is not enough in the mentioned sectors and should be increased,” he said.

Hanafi said that corruption within the government in the country has been eliminated.

“Sanctions are not a solution and even have a negative impact on humanitarian activities, so the international community should take the path of interaction and dialogue with the Islamic Emirate,” Hanafi said.

Hanafi further added that: “The international community should not forget that Afghanistan has suffered due to the war and chaos of the past half century and recent droughts, and the implementation of development projects should continue to be supported.”

Carl Skau, WFP’s Deputy Executive Director said the organization has been involved in Afghanistan for 60 years in various sectors, including food security, nutrition, humanitarian aid and development. He said the WFP’s goal is to attract more international aid to the people of Afghanistan.

“Corruption was a major problem in the past, which fortunately has been eliminated, drugs have decreased and overall security has been ensured in Afghanistan,” Skau said.

The WFP’s Deputy Executive Director added that the people of Afghanistan have really suffered due to wars and climate change, so “we are trying to get more humanitarian aid to the poor people of Afghanistan.”