PES: National Theatre in Tirana should not be used for political purposes

The PES is following closely and with concern the developments in Tirana on the issue of the Teatri Kombëtar (New National Theatre).

The decision over the fate of this problematic building has rested in the hands of Albanian governments of all political stripes for 22 years. The current socialist government of Edi Rama has taken responsibility and acted.

The PES has been informed that the building is considered hazardous by safety experts. Plans for the construction of a new, modern theatre are already in motion, following a series of public and transparent consultations.

PES President Sergei Stanishev said:

“Using the situation around the Teatri Kombëtar building, a property of the municipality in Tirana, to spread division and controversy among Albanian citizens is deeply worrying. Recently Albania has been making significant progress on its path towards European integration, which we fully support. The attempts of some political forces to exploit this case and to encourage the escalation of tensions will do good neither for the performing artists in Albania, nor for its citizens.”

With respect to citizens’ rights to demonstrate the PES calls for a democratic and peaceful end to the Teatri Kombëtar crisis and opposes all incitements to occupy public property and sabotage public works.

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