AFL finals 2020 LIVE updates: Port Adelaide vs Geelong Cats at Adelaide Oval

Just describe the finals intensity?

What an atmosphere! A little bit slow to get going. I don't even know if I touched it in the first quarter. But once we got our game going, credit to the boys, we hung tough. Geelong were probably on top, particularly in the second quarter. We got a rev at half-time from Kenny. But after that, as a midfield group we fought really hard. Started to get on top around clearance then finished the job in the last quarter.

I thought you were the most consistent Port player all night. I didn't think you were that quiet in the first quarter. What did Kenny say to the group at half-time?

He just gave us both barrels the midfield group. He said, "Footy is won in contested ball. Finals footy. We weren't going to done." We were minus 14 at half-time. We went to work that second half. I think we really lifted as a team, as a midfield group. Got the footy in our front half and gave our forwards an opportunity. Our defence was really strong all night. Danger got that goal away in the third quarter, but we felt like they were pretty lucky to get that. We probably should've marked that. But finals footy we know the tat moss fear and the pressure is high. I think you've looked after me, giving me that one!

You had the ball in your forward half for most of the night. That was because you were able to defensively transition really quickly, and get into your spots?

I think the last time we played 'em, we weren't able to do it in round 12, they just transitioned from their back half to their front half too quick and we couldn't catch up. So tonight we had an emphasis on making sure we set up really well behind the ball and kept it in our front half and we were able to do that, as I said after half-time, and, yeah, it was a pleasing effort from everyone. And we still feel like there's a little bit of improvement left in us. Looking forward to the week off now. We'll review it. Enjoy tonight, obviously. They don't come around too often. As I know it's taken 12 years, but we've got there, and it's all been worth it.

I know it's been your first foray into the finals but also for a couple of the young players. I thought they really stood up in crucial moments. A couple of Butters' efforts, Duursma going back with the flight. It must be pleasing to see the young kids in your side with that commitment in your side with that commitment in a finals game?

Absolutely. We know they bring so much energy for us, the younger boys. They put their head over it. They're as hard as anyone in the team. It's a pretty big effort when you're about 50 kilos to go the way Butters does about it. He attacks the footy hard and he normally hurts bodies on the way through. So Xavier going back with the flier, there were some contests all night. Even Trent McKenzie, his first final. He was outstanding back down all night. We have so much confidence in each other at the moment. We have to continue to push on. We'll watch the finals over the weekend and do our homework on whatever we get in the next time.

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