Boutique ‘like no other’: Jacinta Emms

Sometimes you leave a boutique and you’re quite not sure what you loved most: the decor, the lovely team, the sparkles you were sipping as you viewed the new spring collection … or was it the fabulous zebra print midi skirt you snapped up and may wear every day for the rest of your life?

Whatever it is when you walk out of Husk on Hasting St in Noosa you feel good, and if you happened to have made a purchase then you know you’ll be looking good too.

Animal prints are for all seasons: Jacinta Emms

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Husk isn’t like other boutiques; you can’t just look in and decide whether there is or isn’t something inside for you.

Almost as though you have no control over your actions you’re drawn in, your tingling fingers can’t help but feel the fabrics as your eyes try to decide where to start first.

Housing some of the world’s most desirable, high-end designers, you really feel the culture as you scroll through the clothes hangers, but it’s husk’s own eponymous label that is the heart of this delicious boutique.

With the design department lead by the incredibly talented and much-loved Australian fashion designer Kirrily Johnston, Husk’s own collection really needs no explanation but allow me three words: bold, feminine, timeless.

To further add to their appeal, each of the pieces in Husk can be worn with heels, flats or sassy white sneakers and we just couldn’t do spring without a pair of these now could we? The answer is no but let’s discuss the versatility of sneakers another day.

Today, we look at my three favourite looks from Husk’s Botanica spring 2020 collection.

Husk Satre top, Bloom skirt and Botanica slide. Picture: Husk

Husk Satre top, Bloom skirt and Botanica slide. Picture: Husk

This outfit has it all! The fancy, the frills, the floral. The Satre top is perfectly paired with the Bloom skirt creating a look that is effortlessly seductive while not taking itself too seriously, simply stylish.

Husk Botanica kaftan and Lala Berlin Carmela tote. Picture: Husk

Husk Botanica kaftan and Lala Berlin Carmela tote. Picture: Husk

Lovingly known as the Noosa dress, this gorgeous kaftan sold out as soon as it hit the rack. The good news for you is they are releasing another run of the same print, so you can pre-order now. Be sure get in quick as it will be the last in production for this bestseller.

Husk Noir blazer and pants, Husk Crystal heel, Husk Kingdom belt.

Husk Noir blazer and pants, Husk Crystal heel, Husk Kingdom belt.

The power that comes with bold colours and prints is unmistakeable and you can never go wrong with red. If ever there was a suit made for the Sunshine Coast this is it! Try it with a pastel or floral camisole, wear the pants and blazer as a set or separate, there are endless options.

With over 12 Husk boutiques spanning across Australia and New Zealand, we can be very proud to boast the only one in Queensland right on our doorstep in Noosa. If you are yet to step into this luxury fashion destination, I urge you to do so this spring it truly is a world of it’s own and well worth the visit.

Find Husk at shop 2/49 Hastings St in Noosa or online at

Jacinta Emms is a Sunshine Coast based fashion stylist for all things fashion visit

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