Chapter 6: Take the test with these online sample HSC questions

This chapter contains sample questions from: Mathematics Standard 2, Geography, Biology, Economics, Studies of Religion, Physics, Textiles and Design, Hospitality and English.

Mathematics Standard 2


Question 6 Source B.

Question 6 Source B.Credit:NESA



Studies of Religion


Question 1: Velocity.

Question 1: Velocity.Credit:NESA

English standard

Explain how this visual text represents diverse experiences.

Cover ‘City Living’, June 25th issue of The New Yorker. Trademark of Advance Magazine Publishers Inc.

Cover ‘City Living’, June 25th issue of The New Yorker. Trademark of Advance Magazine Publishers Inc.Credit:NESA

Top student response: The New Yorker visual text represents diverse experience through the composition and the contextual elements of the cover. Visibly, there are five floors, each participating or occupied in a different activity, for example the man on the second floor prefers little to no human interaction as portrayed by his ownership of two animals and no other person. This contrasts to the fourth floor, in which there are many individuals partaking in social gathering, invoking a sense of relationships and storytelling from conversation. The effects of this representation of diverse experiences displays the human interactions of storytelling and how society is integrated into small groups quiz, such as the building.

Football news:

Lopetegi about éver Banega: When he plays well, the whole of Seville plays well
Sanchez received 7.5 million pounds from Manchester United for terminating his contract
Javi Martinez is Interesting to Renn. The club will play in the Champions League
Fonseca Pro 0:2 with Sevilla: Roma deserved to lose
Manchester United are ready to sell Lingard. He has scored in the last two matches
Dzeko Pro 0:2 with Sevilla: Roma never got into the game
Sergio Region: Sevilla are determined to win the Europa League. We want to win everything we can