China ‘accepts criticism’ over virus

China's top disease control official says he "accepts" criticism from the public about the way the coronavirus was initially handled.

China's top disease official has reportedly said public criticism over the country's initial response to the coronavirus outbreak was understandable.

But Gao Fu, the director of China’s disease control and prevention centre, also defended Beijing’s actions.

“With such a large epidemic in China and the world, it is very normal to receive criticism from the public,” he told reporters on the sidelines of the country’s annual meeting of parliament, according to Reuters.

“We accept them with humility.”

But professor Gao said while there was room for improvement, China’s response was good compared with other countries as it had to handle a “closed-book exam”.

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Australia has now recorded 7110 cases of COVID-19 with 102 deaths. Cases include 3086 in New South Wales, 1602 in Victoria, 1060 in Queensland, 439 in South Australia, 560 in Western Australia, 226 in Tasmania, 107 in the Australian Capital Territory and 30 in the Northern Territory.

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