Even the real estate agent went nude

It could get a bit hot in here …

There is no need to dress up when this property goes to auction.

The Noosa Nudist Retreat is about to hit the market, offering 2.5 acres of tropical gardens, a bed and breakfast opportunity, a resort-style pool, a rock cave with spa and massage table, a timber deck for, you guessed it, naked yoga, an adult room and “play areas”, a games room, a “nature gym”, and a nude flying fox, a bocce and garden tennis court and much more.

The Noosa Nudist Retreat, which is also known as Noosa Edge Nudist Retreat, is about to hit the market for the first time in almost 20 years

Owned by Rainer Mueckenberger for 19 years, the retreat has had some risqué press over that time.

Rainer Mueckenberger in all of his glory

In 2017 it was revealed the retreat could no longer advertise in The Australian Naturist (TAN) magazine as it was deemed “too sexualised”.

Too that end, Mr Mueckenberger said he did not care, saying anything goes as long as those involved were respectful.

But it is time to move on, with Mr Mueckenberger planning to make the move to Thailand.

The property has been listed with Harcourts Noosa agents Clint Jensen and Jeremy Krieger, who attended the final, and successful, pitch in their birthday suits.

Harcourts Noosa agent Jeremy Krieger and Clint Jensen on any other normal day at work

“Jeremy and I were prospecting (for listings) on Gumtree when the ad for this (the nudist retreat) came up and we thought f–k it, this sounds like us,” Mr Jensen, a self-proclaimed exhibitionist, said.

“So we turned up at the property, not naked this time, but the owner was (naked) as were six or seven people who were just floating around the place.

“The second time we went out he said we would have to be there in the nude if he was going to sign the paperwork so yes, we made that promise.

“It was a listing pitch like no other.”

An aerial view of the property

Reflecting on the day they landed the property listing, Mr Jensen said that the two “best mates” drove to the Noosa property in the nude so “we couldn’t change our minds”.

“We joked that we hoped we wouldn’t get pulled over or run out of petrol,” Mr Jensen said.

“Jeremy picked me up in the buff, I was in the buff. We just looked at each other and said ‘let’s do this’ and then didn’t say another word until we got there.”

Mr Jensen recalled how Jeremy, an Aussie who is fluent in German, spoke at length with the owner in their foreign tongue.

“I was like WTF are they saying?” he said, noting it was probably not the best situation to be locked out of negotiations.

But Mr Jensen said he was actually comfortable during the “naked pitch”, saying the dynamic duo had no problem getting their kit off.

“I am an exhibitionist,” he said, admitting it was the first time a designer suit was not required to win a listing.

He said the pitch itself occurred in an “ordinary dining room”, but that Mr Mueckenberger, a chef who has owned multiple restaurants, did cook a German meal while in the buff.

Where the negotiations took place

“It’s a different world,” Mr Jensen said, adding they played “nude pool” after the closure of the formalities.

So just who might want to buy a nudist retreat?

Mr Jensen said he would not be pitching to only those with naked ambitions.

“It is a residential listing with a business opportunity,” he said. “It could be a nature retreat, a wellness centre.

“I couldn’t imagine there would be a whole lot of people who would be in the market for a nudist retreat, although the owner would dearly love to see it go to a younger person who could keep that going, bring it up even more.”

So what was it like walking through the property?

Mr Jensen said it was like walking through the set of 50 Shades of Grey, the hit novel by EL James that was turned into a movie by director Sam Taylor-Johnson.

The property itself is located at 2 Livistona Drive in Doona, and is approximately 14 minutes from the sought-after tourist strip of Hastings Point in Noosa, Queensland’s most expensive property market.

The main residence has four bedrooms. There is also a pool house with a games and billiards room, a swimming pool, a separate room for hire towards the back of the property, bocce, an area for soft tennis, a massage and yoga deck overlooking the pond and 2.5 acres of land.

As for the property’s owner, Mr Jensen said he was eccentric but otherwise a very successful businessman.

And in terms of the listing, he described it as “extremely rare”.

“A property like this so unique that it is hard to put a price on it, and the highest bidder on the day, regardless of what they want to do with it, will be the proud owner,” he said.

The property will go under the hammer in an online auction on November 6.

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