One new Qld case as authorities close to finding cluster’s ‘missing link’

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Queensland health authorities believe they have found the “missing link” that sparked the current Brisbane cluster, as they conduct urgent contact tracing.

One new case was recorded on Sunday, which health authorities confirmed was a the brother of the 26-year-old man who sparked the current cluster.

Chief health officer Dr Jeannette Young said they believe this new case was the link between the 26-year-old and the PA hospital cluster a fortnight ago, after serology tests indicated he had had COVID and since recovered.

Meanwhile, authorities have played down suggestions a man in his 20s held a “party” while waiting for a COVID test result.

Authorities have clarified that rather than 25 people at the man’s home as Queensland Health initially reported, there was actually only five other people, “most of whom” were “entitled to be there”.

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