President Trump announces a ‘historic surge in jobs’ across the United States

President Trump announces a 'historic surge in jobs' across the United States

President Trump has announced “historic numbers” concerning unemployment figures after the American economy gained 4.8 million jobs in June, exceeding forecasts and raising hopes for a sharper than anticipated recovery. The United States jobless rate has been brought down to 11.1 per cent and new unemployment claims decreased slightly from May to June with $1.4 million claims recorded in the past month. Mr Trump said jobs in hospitality, retail, education, health and manufacturing had experienced a marked increase in June. “Manufacturing looks like it is ready to really take off at a level it has never been before and a lot of that has to do with our trade policy," he said. He pointed to “historic gains” in the African-American community with a record 404,000 jobs added in the past month amounting to 700,000 jobs created in the past two months. Mr Trump also announced unemployment figures for individuals without a high school diploma had dropped by 3.3 per cent, “the largest drop in recorded history”. Despite fears a significant increase in COVID-19 cases across the state could hinder a rapid return to normality, the president pushed the topic of economic recovery, reporting the re-opening of 80 per cent of small businesses and the doubling of new business applications since late March. Image: AP

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