Second man in custody after Bribie Island lockdown

The second man wanted by police over the alleged shooting of a woman north of Brisbane has been arrested overnight, after a heavily armed police response saw part of Bribie Island placed into lockdown.

One 27-year-old man was taken into custody about 3.45pm on Thursday with the second 27-year-old still at large. He surrendered to police overnight, a spokeswoman said. Charges still being finalised.

Police said on Thursday a 27-year-old woman had been dropped off by the men at her family's home in Rothwell home, north of Brisbane in the Moreton Bay region, about 8am after what could have been an "accidental" shooting at another location.

Inspector Bob Hytch said police were called to a Kelliher Street home in Rothwell where the woman was "delivered to other family members so they could call an ambulance".

"I believe there may have been a heated argument between the two males from the vehicle [who took her there]," he said.

The two men were then believed to have left the scene, with one driving to Bribie Island, dumping the vehicle and evading officers on foot.

A sighting of one man on the island triggered an emergency declaration about 11am that was revoked about three hours later. Heavily armed officers from the Special Emergency Response Team and the dog squad were called in to search the locked-down area but they came up empty.

The men were known to the victim through where they live but the issue was not believed to be a domestic violence matter, Inspector Hytch said. The woman was conscious and breathing when emergency services arrived at her family's address and underwent surgery on Thursday afternoon.

Officers recovered two firearms from the dumped vehicle on the island and detectives believe one or both weapons were used in the shooting.

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