Surf warning as weekend waves intensify

G’day surfers.

It’s a long weekend and this week’s surf forecast will reflect that with an extra day of predictions.

Surf-wise, this week has been fairly ordinary but there were waves to be found if you searched the area.

As the swell will have an increasing easterly direction in it, we always caution that east swells are very rippy and dangerous.

They can surprise with undertows, rips and currents.

Bluebottle jellyfish often accompany these swells too. Be aware.

What’s on offer this weekend? Read on.

Agnes Water to Coolangatta


Several days of north to northeast winds have not improved the wave quality.

Lumpy and uneven wind swell in the 1m range will be the main offering on the beaches.

Early winds will rise to 15 knots from the east and most places will be poor for advanced surfing.

Learners will still get some push and the ramp riders will also find a bit of fun in it.

The high temperature will be 25C and no rain is expected. Skies will be partly cloudy.

On the Gold Coast, easterly winds of a similar strength will be up early.

The one metre waves will be sloppy and poor everywhere.

Beginners and aerialists will be the only crew having fun. Point surfers will be suffering.

Top temperature will be 25C. There’ll be some clouds around but no rain is on the cards.


Light early winds won’t have settled the sea surface.

Bumpy, uneven waves will be 1m or more on the open beaches.

The points will be small and pretty much unsurfable.

Learners and ramp boosters will be the winners on the beaches.

The wind will rise from the east early and a resultant lift in swell to 1.5m by the afternoon wouldn’t surprise.

Be careful as the rips will definitely increase with the swell.

25C will be the high temperature and there’s a 20 per cent chance of rain or a thunderstorm under partly cloudy skies.

Gold Coast surfers can expect early rising east northeast winds getting up to 15 knots and a sloppy 1m or more of uneven swell.

An easing in wind speed and a rise in easterly swell may occur in the afternoon. Caution is advised.

Some clouds will blow in with the wind but rain or a storm is only a slight chance. The high will be 24C.


Light winds early will quickly be replaced by a steady easterly of up to 15 knots.

A mix of wind swell and long-distance easterly swell will make the 1.5m surf dangerous for the inexperienced.

Onshore winds will mar the points and the open beaches will be worse. Experienced surfers only please.

The high temperature will be 25C and there’s a weak chance of rain or a thunderstorm.

Surfers on the Goldy will have early northeast winds up to 15 knots and they’ll set in for the day.

The open beaches will be showing more size, 1.5m, and conditions will be messy and dangerous.

The points will be poor.

Head for the few protected corners for a lumpy, but rideable wave.

Under partly cloudy skies the high temperature will be 25C and with these conditions an afternoon storm is always a possibility.

No tip this week but an extra day’s forecast is thrown in for the holiday makers. Enjoy!

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