Swell find, mystery solved. Guess who this belongs to?

MYSTERY solved.

After Adam Callaghan found a GoPro camera at Little Cove he put the word out in the Noosa News and on social media looking for the face of the young lad in this frame captured having a good time out on the water.

“It has some old photos of a kid surfing, dated January 2014. I’m sure he’d like it back,” Adam wrote.

Last week Leigh Kuryj contacted Adam to say it belonged to her son Reef, but this lost and found happy ending started with events not six years ago, but just the other day.

“Reef lost it surfing at Boiling Pot around 6.30am, we found it at Little Cove at around 11am the same day,” Adam said.

“For the record, my daughter found it and her name is Lucy.”

Leigh Kuryj believes this must have been karma as the previous Thursday “we found a ladies debit card at Alex Headland and thankfully she had a name with a unique spelling”.

“We tracked her down and within 30 minutes she had it back. The very next day it was our turn to lose something,” she said.

Leigh said she cannot believe it was found.

“Thanks Adam and your daughter, it also takes good people xx.”

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