Target and superquiz, Thursday, August 6


How many words of four letters or more can you make from those shown here? Each letter may be used once per word.

Each word must contain the centre letter and there must be at least one nine-letter word. No plurals ending in "s"; no foreign words; no proper names.


Source: Chambers 21st Century Dictionary.

Today's Target: 12 words, good; 18 words, very good; 25 words, excellent.

Wednesday's solution: alpine, apse, aspen, lapis, lapse, leap, lipase, lisp, lupin, nape, neap, pail, pain, pale, pane, pause, peal, penal, PENINSULA, pilau, pile, pine, pineal, plain, plan, plane, plea, plena, plus, puisne, pule, pulse, sepal, sepia, slap, slip, snap, snip, snipe, span, spaniel, spiel, spin, spinal, spine, spline, spun, supine, unpin, unsnap

Football news:

Hummels 0:2 in Augsburg: Borussia played well in many aspects, but did not create enough chances
Schalke have not won the Bundesliga in 18 consecutive rounds. The total score of the first two games of the season is 1:11
Real won with the help of VAR and decommissioned forwards. Jovic earned a penalty, mayoral a penalty
Robles on refereeing the match with Real Madrid and VAR: dubious episodes are always Interpreted in favor of top clubs
Conte on 4:3 with Fiorentina: impressed with Inter's attack. We didn't have enough balance, we paid for it
Zidane about 3:2 with Betis: real can get better and will. A difficult game, but we believed in winning until the end
Dest said goodbye to the Ajax players and will fly to Barcelona today (Gerard Romero)