It isn’t out of the ordinary for *Tara to be called a "lying whore" by her mum *Annabelle.

For as long as Tara and her older sister *Sarah can remember, their mum has targeted them in cruel verbal attacks for no reason.

The American sisters’ entire childhood was plagued by these random outbursts, with Annabelle going from “pleasant and smiling - to screaming and sobbing - to baking a cake in an single afternoon”.

"It sucked beging raised by a manipulative, paranoid woman with volatile emotions,” Sarah revealed on Reddit.

“Personally, I think she might have an undiagnosed personality disorder but she won’t go to a psychiatrist.”

“Once we left home – we tried to keep contact with her to a minimum.”

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Sarah can't believe the cruel rumour that Annabelle has spread about Nick and Tara. Source: iStock

"Mum is saying my sister cheated"

This plan actually worked for a while – with the sisters happily building their own lives without Annabelle’s toxic influence.

But then Annabelle started spreading a rumour to their extended family that neither Tara nor Sarah could ignore.

It all started when Tara unexpectedly fell pregnant last year, which ended up destroying her relationship with her then-boyfriend.

Somehow Annabelle became convinced that Tara was lying about the “identity of her son’s father” because Sarah’s boyfriend *Nick was actually the dad.

“Mum is saying my sister cheated when she stayed with me and my boyfriend while she looked for a new apartment,” Sarah recounts.

“She says that is the reason my sister’s ex left her and the baby, and that my boyfriend is playing me for a fool."

"Is this actually a rational idea?"

Although Sarah knows that Tara was already in her second trimester when she came to stay – many of the family are still convinced that Annabelle’s rumour is true.

“To them my unmarried, young sister is unfairly keeping her mum away from her grandchild out of guilt and fear,” Sarah said.

“I’m being dragged through the mud here too, along with my boyfriend. This kind of rumour will follow us for the rest of our lives.”

It's for this reason that Sarah thinks they should get a paternity test to prove Annabelle wrong - but Tara and Nick didn't see things the same way. 

“My sister said she has ‘nothing to prove’ to our mum, and my boyfriend was hurt because to him it sounds like I want them to prove his faithfulness, which is not the case,” Sarah painfully recalled.

“Am I wrong here or is this actually a rational idea, because I have no clue anymore?”

"A test won't solve your problem"

Reddit commenters had a lot to say in response to Sarah’s question, with over 330 people jumping on to voice their opinion on the matter in less than a day.

Many people thought that Sarah was crazy to ask Tara and Nick to do a paternity test.

“You’re caving into your mother's madness,” one commenter wrote while another added that there was “nothing was to be gained” from doing the test.

“A test won't solve your problem – she'll find something else to make your life hell,” another man stated.

But other commenters thought the opposite, arguing that a paternity test might be the thing to finally get some sanity in the sisters’ lives.

“You lay out the timeline to those who believe her, then explain that you have tried to get her to seek help for mental health issues,” one commenter advised.

“It might help to discredit her for the next crazy thing she comes up with. It may make people question things she’s made up about other people, too.”

*Names have been changed