‘Vile’ neighbour sends old man horror note

A grandfather recently received a vicious note from his neighbour that many people online are calling racist.

Twitter user @goldenstef posted a picture of the letter after it was sent to his grandad earlier this week.

“Someone REALLY sent this to my grandpa...... my man is just trynna [sic] decorate his house and....... I f---ing hate people.”

The letter writer begins by explaining that he and his wife occasionally walk around their neighbourhood in San Antonio, Texas, to exercise.

But whenever they pass the grandfather’s place they notice he has “yet another new decoration or ornament” in front of his house.

“Oh my God – enough already,” the neighbour wrote. “All the people that we know in our neighbourhood have commented on the EXCESSIVE decorations in front of your house – and am sorry to say, you’re [sic] house has become, and is, the laughing joke of the neighbourhood.”

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The sender wasn’t done there though, going on to brand the elderly man’s home “ridiculous” and adding that people “purposely” drive by just to have a look and “laugh”.

“All those decorations are in ‘bad taste’ and only goes to prove to everyone that a ‘low class family’ lives there”.

The neighbour goes on to complain about the man’s “pot plants in the middle of the lawn”.

“Oh my God, where do you people come from?” the letter read.

“It makes absolutely no sense to have ‘plants’ in the middle of the lawn. Also, do you realise that you have four or five American flags displayed in your front. Hello? Do you think that’s going to make people think you’re patriotic?”

“Believe me, they will think like we do – at how Ridiculour [sic] that looks.”

“Apparently you people must have come here to our neighbourhood from the deep West side or the Deep South side where all the poor people with no class live,” the neighbour raged on.

“Believe me when I tell you that your house is an EMBARRASSMENT to the neighbourhood.”

To conclude, the neighbour recommended the grandfather should look at the other houses around here and compare it to his own.

“And then come to realise how ridiculous and embarrassing your excessive house decorations look to the rest of us.”

The grandson also shared photos of the house defending his grandpa and labelling the note “mean”.

“Do y’all see these decorations aren't bad at ALLLL.”

Others said they would like to add more decorations just to annoy the “awful” neighbour even more.

Others were just downright furious and said the house was “normal”.

Many others described the note as “atrocious” and “vile” and said the sender should be “ashamed”.

This article originally appeared on Fox News and was reproduced with permission

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