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7 movies that make you want to pack your bags and travel

Cinema has the power to invoke raw emotions in us. Movies can make us want to fall in love, teach us the true value of life, or even motivate us to make a difference in life. Then there are movies where the perfect amalgamation of a captivating story and amazing cinematography makes you want to pack up your bags and set out on a new adventure.

If you are looking for your next travel inspiration, here are 7 movies that inspire us to travel. 

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Eat Pray Love 

Eat Pray Love takes you on a journey of self-discovery while showcasing the breath-taking beauty of three different cultures: Italian, Indian, and Balinese. Each part of the movie is a visual delight, from indulging in decadent Italian cuisine in Rome to seeking inner peace in India's spiritual retreats to taking in Bali's meditative charm.

This tale of travel not only makes you want to see the world but it also motivates you to find the right amount of luxury, introspection, and love. 

Under the Tuscan Sun

This story unfolds with a woman making an impulsive purchase of a property in Tuscany, and thus starting a journey of healing and rebirth. Under the Tuscan Sun encourages you to escape to the picturesque sun-kissed landscapes of Tuscany, Italy. More than the adrenaline of a new beginning, this is a journey of reinvention and rediscovery. 

Offering a closer look at the Italian lifestyle, this movie brilliantly illustrates the charm of rural Italy and the transforming power of welcoming fresh starts.

Dil Chahta Hai

Dil Chahta Hai is one of the movies you look back at to say, they do not make movies like these anymore. This beautiful cinema takes us on an unforgettable journey to Goa, India with three friends connected by a bond that runs as deep as the ocean. Starting from the road trip itself along the picturesque landscape of India to the perfect soundtrack, every element of this film celebrates the spirit of youth and the joy of discovery. 

It is raw and relatable, like an invitation to take to the road and make lifelong memories with cherished friendships.

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara 

We are not young twice. This is why, this story of the life-changing adventure of three friends in Spain makes us long for something of the sort. From the deep sea to the sky, as this group face their fears and give it their all, we cannot help but wish we were there. The most epic is the portrayal of La Tomatina festival, something that's definitely made to many of our bucket list after this movie. Each moment is a celebration, inspiring you to create your own epic tales. 

The most beautiful aspect of this movie is it perfectly depicts the transformative power of travelling. 


After a cancelled wedding, a shy and naïve young woman sets out alone on what was supposed to be her dream honeymoon. This movie depicts her delightful journey, making of some unlikely friends, some adventures and even some misadventures. 

At no point does this film focus on the need for a love interest in order to enjoy the beauty of Europe. Rather, it is a heart-warming tale of empowerment and facing the unknown. 

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty 

This movie follows the story of Walter Mitty, an ordinary man with an active imagination, as he transforms from a mere daydreamer into an adventurous traveller in search of a missing film negative. With equal parts of comic relief and a push to dream big, this journey takes us to the best and most exotic locations of Greenland, Iceland, and Afghanistan. 

The cinematography is visually stunning and the unbelievable adventures of Walter Mitty are bound to leave you longing for your own extraordinary moments. 

Before Sunrise 

Before Sunrise is a poetic journey of love and connection, set against the gorgeous backdrop of Vienna. Following an unexpected encounter between the two leads, this story evokes a sense of serendipity in you while helping you envision the dream of a chance encounter that is often talked about in novels. 

We see Vienna transform into a cinematic gem as these two strangers explore the city, perfectly capturing not only the concept of fleeting moments but also the profound impact they can have in our lives.