Bags for Fall

The season of fall, luxe bags and polished leather — the trio that sums up our desires.

Fall fashion has our hearts and nothing beats a refined bag to tie our cosy outfits together. And it excites us a step further to see the trending leather bags this year, all taking over the fashion scene to serve us the most outstandingly chic looks possible.

As classic as they shall remain to be, leather bags at the moment are very on-trend, with almost every fashion brand coming up with their own creations. They have completely taken over both the runways and our Instagram feeds. And in all honestly, we are all about this hype. Leather looks sophisticated and lasts a good while. They add a posh-factor to the most basic styles — completely elevating the entire tone, especially when it comes to styling fall-looks, we cannot think of anything more elegant than a nice leather bag.

On top of that, warm tones are mandatory for fall; besides our well-loved blacks and whites, browns, beiges, mustards and pistachios are one of the most sought-after colours to look for this year. They all complement the fall-palette. But if you can only opt for one, we say you get a beautiful warm-brown toned bag; it will pair well with almost every one of the looks you have planned.

As for the bag-styles, quite a few are in vogue. From vintage to contemporary, the styles vary from bigger ones to smaller with a simplistic trait in common. And it's hard to make a pick; all of them are nothing less than fabulous! They all give off a different feel and will transform your outfits in different manners. So, we are listing a few that might suit your personal style and be your inseparable companion for the season —

Small bags with short handles

These bags are easy to take and look adorable. They are super chic and more on the modern side of the spectrum. Goes with both flowy-dresses and fitted-formals, it's a dainty little touch to your pretty outfits.

Wide bags with long handles

A vintage comeback, wide bags with long handles look graceful with every outfit. From a super cosy trench coat with even a simple top, this bag can add all the elegance to finish off any basic fall look.


Throw on a cross-body to get your look right at ease. Convenient to carry and functional, a cross-body is all you need for the casual days. Plus, it goes great with most looks, ranging from girly to grungy!

Waist bags

Waist bags are the perfect option to pull-off a modern-grunge aesthetic. They look best over pants and bring more attention to the curves of your waist. We live for the carelessly-fun vibe they give off!

With all these bags around, make your pick smartly. Choose one that you will carry often and get the most use out of. Do not forget to take proper care so the leather stays looking beautiful for the longest. And most importantly, have fun rocking all the stunning looks!

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