Beat the heat with ISPI

Instant powder drinks are an essential and practical pantry staple during summer, especially in countries with a hot climate. A quick and easy remedy to satiate your thirst in a delicious manner, they are preferred by children and adults alike.

Moreover, they even come to the rescue upon sudden arrival of unexpected guests! 

Dissolving instant powder drinks in plain water is okay, but have you ever thought about the several ways this basic concoction can be jazzed up to produce something extraordinary? Whether you pondered upon this or not, here are four methods to use two variations of our very own ISPI Instant Powder Drink to create delightful blends right in your kitchen.  

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This fruit punch is the perfect summer treat as it utilises the goodness of tropical fruits that are at their peak during this time of the year. The fulfilling drink is a crowd pleaser and may just as well be served as a dessert. 


1 ripe mango

1 dragon fruit

1 pineapple

6 tbsp ISPI Instant Mango Powder Drink

6 cups water

1 tbsp sugar (optional)


First, skin and core the pineapple and cut it into little bite-sized chunks. To prepare the other fruits, peel them and cut their flesh to a similar size. In a large pitcher, pour in water with ISPI Instant Mango Powder Drink and sugar, and mix well. You can leave out the sugar totally or adjust the amount to your desired level of sweetness.

Mix these together until completely dissolved and then drop in the array of your prepared fruits one by one. Mix this again to disperse the fruits evenly and let this chill in the refrigerator for about an hour so that the fruity flavours can infuse. The punch is ready to serve.



We just can't seem to get enough of mangoes, can we? This creamy blend of mango and coconut shall not only satiate your summer cravings but also give you a boost of energy while revitalising your soul.  


1½ cups heavy cream

½ cup water

1/3 cup tender coconut meat

3 tbsp ISPI Instant Mango Powder Drink

5 – 6 pieces cashew nuts


Begin by dissolving ISPI Instant Mango Powder Drink in water. In a blender, add in the cashew nuts and coconut meat with just enough water to submerge them completely. Blend this into a fine purée before pouring in the mango drink mixture and heavy cream.

Blend everything together until you get a smooth and thick homogenous smoothie. This delicious energy packed smoothie can easily substitute your breakfast as well.


Try out this easy-to-make citrusy and fizzy drink that is packed with zesty flavours and vitamin C. Its high citrus content will also boost your immunity and keep you hydrated throughout the humid season.


5 tbsp ISPI Instant Orange Powder Drink

1 orange

1 lemon

500ml lemon soda

Handful of mint leaves

Orange and lemon wheels (for garnish)


Extract the zest from both the orange and lemon before squeezing them to attain their fresh juices. In a jug, combine the lemon soda along with fresh orange and lemon juice. Also add in their zest followed by ISPI Instant Orange Powder Drink.

Stir everything together and finally add a handful of fresh mint leaves and slices of orange and lemon for a burst of freshness. Ensure everything is well incorporated and serve this fizzy concoction chilled. 


This zesty mocktail is the perfect amalgamation between orange and ginger. A vibrant summer drink with subtle notes of ginger in the background, it is sure to provide you with an invigorating experience.  


4 tbsp ISPI Instant Orange Powder Drink

2 cups water

1 cup ginger ale

1 orange

1 thumb-size ginger

1 tbsp sugar

Ice cubes

Orange wheels for garnish


Begin by squeezing the juice out of one orange and julienning a thumb sized piece of ginger. Next, dissolve ISPI Instant Orange Powder Drink with two cups of water. Drop ice cubes and ginger in a pitcher along with the sugar, freshly squeezed orange juice and ginger ale.   

Pour in the prepared ISPI Instant Orange Powder Drink mix and stir everything together until well combined. For that summer vibe, serve this with orange wheels on the edge of your glass and enjoy!

Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed

Food and Styling: RBR

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