Capital cleaned up promptly after Eid

After Eid-ul-Azha, Dhaka city could be cleaned within three days through the efforts of the city corporations and city dwellers.

Residents were encouraged to maintain proper disposal and clean their surroundings with bleach. Meanwhile, they also expressed satisfaction over the city corporations' prompt steps.

Earlier, two mayors of Dhaka city had announced that they would ensure that each day's garbage is cleaned within 24 hours.

Around 27,500 waste management workers of two city corporations cleaned up around 26,188 tonnes of waste during the three days of Eid generated due to animal sacrifice during the festival, alongside regular waste.

Among those, 14,921 tones were generated at DSCC areas while 11,267 tones were generated in areas under DNCC.

The waste was dumped at two designated landfills of the capital -- in Matuail and Amin Bazar.

"The city corporations' effort was really good. I noticed the DSCC workers since the night before Eid when they were cleaning the cattle market in Dhupkhola," said Adnan Ahmed, a resident of Distillery road of Gandaria.

"All the cattle markets are now clean, the work has been effective," said Adnan.

Murad Hossain, a resident of Pallabi said city corporation staffers had been at work since Eid afternoon in their area.

DNCC mayor Atiqul Islam on the third day of Eid in a virtual statement thanked all residents of Dhaka for cooperating with them.

He also thanked councillors, officials and employees of the DNCC who were involved with the activities since the first day of Eid.

Amid the pandemic and dengue season, it was challenging to complete this work, he said.

He said there were 256 designated slaughtering places in DNCC areas and they hoped that people will use the designated spots to sacrifice animals next time as well, so that the city can be kept clean.

Chief Waste Management Officer of DSCC, Air Commodore Md Badrul Amin said following the instruction of the DSCC mayor, they have succeeded in cleaning all the garbage generated in three days, finishing eight hours ahead of their scheduled time.

"It took 4606 trips for garbage management trucks to dump the waste in Matuail," said Amin.

Thanking residents for their cooperation, Amin said the citizens are also a part of the success in cleaning activities, he said.

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