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Anton del Rosario bares bigger things ahead for Philam Life 7s Football League Philippines

Keystone events are lined up for the next calendar year of the Philam Life 7s Football League, starting with the inaugural Philam Vitality KAMPEON 7s Cup kicking off on July 27 at the McKinley Hill Stadium.

Featuring all-star squads from Manila, Bacolod, Cebu, and Davao, cities with their respective 7s Football League tournaments, the KAMPEON 7s Cup presented by title sponsor Philam Vitality will determine the country’s best 7s Football squad.

Present during the press launch of the KAMPEON 7s Cup at the Belle & Dragon in Makati City last Thursday, July 18 were Anton Del Rosario, 7s Football League founder and Manila Commissioner, Bernadette Chincuanco, Philam Life Head of Branding and Communications, Kats Cajucom, Head of AIA-Philam Life’s Philam Vitality program, Leonard Tan, CMO of Philam Life, Faezal Murni, 7s Football League Brunei partner, and Belay Fernando, former Philippine women’s national team player.

Del Rosario said:

“The 7s Football League is in four major cities across the nation now: Manila, Bacolod, Cebu, and Davao. In order to bring it all together, I thought it would be best to create a tournament to see who the best is in the country. What I have done together with Philam Vitality is to have these cities put together all-star teams composed of 10 Filipinos and four imports to represent their cities. We will be flying teams to Manila to compete on July 27 and 28 to see who the best in the country. That’s what the KAMPEON 7s is all about: creating opportunities for people across the country.”

Chincuanco said:

“We would like to congratulate Anton and the 7s Football League for the KAMPEON 7s Cup launch. It is a truly fitting follow-up for our 7s Football League. We were all witnesses to how the league grew by leaps and bounds, having a youth and women’s league. Now, Anton and the team are spreading it outside Manila, giving us the opportunity to spread the positive impact of people and allowing Philam Life to work with them and do more football clinics at the grassroots level. We would like to thank Anton for the opportunity for allowing us to partner with him. We are very happy and we like what we are seeing. We are going to partner with him in this journey.”

Cajucom said:

“We are very honored to partner and be the title sponsor of the KAMPEON 7s Cup as it aligns with Philam Vitality’s goals to help Filipinos live a longer, healthier, better life. Philam Vitality is a wellness program that rewards people for making healthy choices, like playing football. This is something we introduced to the Philippines a few years back because we want to communicate that healthy living is indeed rewarding and what better way to demonstrate it by partnering with the KAMPEON 7s Cup.”

Aside from the KAMPEON 7s Cup, a major development was announced by Del Rosario as the league is soon targeting going global with the involvement of Brunei and potentially, partners from Singapore and Malaysia.

Although nothing has been finalized yet, Del Rosario said the league is looking at a realistic timeline wherein a mini Southeast Asian 7s football tournament will be set for February 2020, aside from a dual meet between Brunei and the Philippines on October 2019.

Brunei 7s Football Partner Faezal Murni said:

“How I decided to partner with Anton is I like his initiative and platform. The 7s is now on a national level and he is trying to bring it to the Southeast Asian regional level. That’s what I like about this initiative and the Brunei partners are very happy to join him in this project. It has very good potential for the 7s industry.”

Plans to include a women’s category for the succeeding editions of the KAMPEON 7s Cup plus expanding the reach of 7s Football in the Philippines were also touched.

In addition, Del Rosario bared that 7s Football is in talks with Fernando to partner for the benefit of cancer patients by raising funds via jersey auctions or in-venue festivities throughout the KAMPEON 7s Cup and Season 4 of the Manila league.

“I’ve been interested in starting to raise funds for people who are diagnosed with cancer. In the previous year, I have been blessed with cancer. Why blessed? Because I was able to see and undergo how difficult it can be and how you can’t do it without the support of your family and friends,” said Fernando, a former Philippine Malditas player.

“Anton is a very good friend of mine and what we want to do is start perhaps with booths at the KAMPEON 7s Cup and invite current and former athletes to donate jerseys, shoes, and whatever they can commit for a raffle to raise funds. It became a fruitful discussion with the partners Philam Life and Philam Vitality who mentioned they do work with a charity that is in line with what I want to launch.”

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