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A final note on Mitchell

Dear Editor,

It is not my practice to engage in lengthy correspondence with another through the pages of your newspaper. However, circumstances alter cases, and I find myself engaged in one with the Hon. Fred “Flag Burning” Mitchell, me by letter to the editor and him by voice note on social media.

However, as much as I have enjoyed and been amused by our tête-à-tête, I am calling it quits but, if the converted PLP now chairman wants to continue, he can do so with my blessings.

But before I put down my pen, I wish to thank the honorable minister for proving my case beyond a reasonable doubt that he is unsuited to hold the office of foreign minister.

For, with Haiti in turmoil, envoys being recalled, crime out of control and other problems in the country, our well-paid and well-traveled minister has the time to issue voice notes filled with diatribe and insults against me a private senior citizen with no clout. Really, Mr. Mitchell!

I would commend the following words from the bard to Mr. Mitchell: “Those whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.”


— Jeanne Thompson