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Arawak Homes names subdivision after athletics legend Frank Rutherford

Arawak Homes yesterday officially named one of its subdivisions after Bahamian athletics legend Frank Rutherford.

Rutherford is credited with being the first Bahamian to win a medal in track and field in the Olympics. He has also had a dramatic impact on the development of sports and athletes in the country.

His name will be immortalized at a 21-home development off of Prince Charles Drive called Frank Rutherford Close.

Chairman of Arawak Homes Sir Franklyn Wilson said during the official naming ceremony that the practice of naming subdivisions after Bahamians who have made their mark on the country has become customary for Arawak Homes.

“We years ago started the practice of naming subdivisions to the honor of outstanding citizens and persons from this country, or who have made a tremendous impact on the country,” said Wilson.

“Why do we do it? We do it as a means of helping to convey to future generations who are the people that made the country different, special.

“We do it by naming the subdivision after these people. The thinking is that with time, some boy or some girl would ask their parent or guardian, why is this subdivision named so and so. Who is so and so?

“Through the answers they receive, stories will be told, events will be recalled and in the process, knowledge goes from one generation to the next.”

Rutherford, who lives in Texas, joined in the naming ceremony by video conference along with his friends Hakeem Olajuwon, former NBA champion, and US track and field legend Carl Lewis.

“Thank you guys so much for honoring Frank this way. I think it is well deserved,” said Olajuwon.

Rutherford said he was humbled by the honor of having a subdivision named after him.

Wilson said his company is in the process of preparing written material about the people whose names emblazon their subdivisions.