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Blame NATO for deaths in Derna 

Dear Editor,

Witness the deafening silence with which western media and politicians fail to place into context the more than 10,000 probably avoidable deaths from flash floods in what was once the most developed country on the African continent: Libya.

That context is that, while the floods may have no human culprit, the breaking of the dams, the dismal state of the country’s infrastructure and the breakdown of its governance all have a very real culprit indeed: NATO.

The barbaric attack on Libya in 2011 was (one hopes) the high water mark of the “democratic world’s” penchant for criminal aggression dressed up as liberation. They sent warplanes to destroy the Libyan government and replace it with an assortment of extremists — and they did so based on a risible lie.

The country’s leader was murdered while Mrs. Clinton cackled “we came, we saw, he died”.

Then the country fell apart (before it fell, too, from the attention span of the dumbed-down western media). A more disgusting and undignified flouting of international norms of behavior can scarcely be imagined.

It was the ultimate reminder of why NATO must be consigned to the dustbin of history.

And, as so often, it falls to the armies of Russia to get the job done.

Were I a betting man, I would wager that by this time next year, Russia will have fully humiliated NATO in Ukraine (it is already doing so) and, with Mr. Trump heading back to the White House, the organization will soon thereafter fall apart with the loss of US taxpayer funding.

In a sane world (but probably not in this one) there would then be trials of those who destroyed Libya in the first place.

But as things stand, people of principle and intelligence worldwide will simply have to make do with the defeat and declawing of this dangerous organization.

Andrew Allen