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Connecting the next generation to impactful leaders

National Youth Month proved to be the perfect opportunity for the Church of God of Prophecy (COGOP) National Youth Ministry to organize an event that would allow the nation’s youth and young adults to connect with impactful leaders and ask them anything.

COGOP’s National Youth Ministry will host its inaugural “AMA: Ask Me Anything” event that will bring together people from different backgrounds and experiences to share life from their perspective.

“As our country recognizes National Youth Month [in October], this is a great opportunity for our nation’s youth and young adults to connect with impactful leaders in a welcoming environment,” said organizer Katherine Beneby II.

Conversations, she said, are expected to promote diversity, provide inspiration, and create opportunities.

Tapped to be present will be Minister Mericha Walker who will speak to religion and Bishop Nathaniel Beneby Jr, on business and economy.

Member of Parliament Leslia Brice will speak on politics and social impact; Keith Roye on technology and innovation; Farreno Ferguson will address the topic of multimedia; Ricardo Deveaux will address education; Brunay Clarke will speak on music; and Jamiah Nabbie will talk on sports.

This event’s format will allow participants to engage with the eight people that have been tapped to converse and answer participant’s questions, up close and personal.

They will converse and answer questions in groups of no more than 10 for up to 15 minutes. The feature will rotate in 15-minute intervals, allowing each person to sit at a table with each feature throughout the night.

National Youth Month serves to encourage, engage, and celebrate youth across The Bahamas.

The month is dedicated to the recognition of the work, talent, dedication, testament, and stories of young people. The goal is to honor, highlight, and uplift youth who have made bold efforts toward engagement in pursuits with youth and for youth, remained hopeful in the midst of change, and share a unified vision to surpass societal expectation and stereotypes.

National awards meted out include youth in religion, which is awarded to individuals who are actively engaged in youth work within their respective religious communities throughout The Bahamas and making a meaningful impact in the lives of young people.

Other national awards include youth in leadership, youth in sports, youth in entrepreneurship, youth in agriculture, youth in the environment, youth in governance, youth in arts and culture, rising star award, youth in personal triumph, youth in community volunteerism, youth organization, and youth ally.

COGOP’s National Youth Ministry’s inaugural “AMA: Ask Me Anything” event which will be held during the month, will be held on October 13 beginning at 7 p.m. Tickets are $25 per person and are available at AOS, Victoria House 5th Terrace, Centreville, or Consumer Choice Auto Parts, Blue Hill Road.