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Denyque Calls Popcaan A ‘Male Stripper’ In New Diss Track

Denyque and Popcaan beef intensified this week with both sides queuing up diss records.

Watermelons are getting a bad name for people’s sexual proclivities, and it’s the main theme for a new diss track teased by artiste Denyque as she takes a dig in response to Popcaan. The Unruly Boss also responded with a few insults of his own as he urged the “BMAY” artiste to eat his privates like a watermelon.

Not taking the last lick, Denyque posted a video on Friday morning where she appeared in the studio while a curious track played in the background that seemed directed to Popcaan.

“Anuh yuh first time you name call pon it, the watermelon,” Denyque sings. She also inserts words that are associated with Popcaan, including “chubble” and “woi yoi,” to ensure that the message is direct.

“Fat and juicy, the watermelon. What dat inna yuh mouth missa man, nuh the watermelon? [woi yoi] Stop gwan like yuh don’t like it. Oh oh, him bex tru me a talk all ah the things him don’t want people know. Mi know yuh love your fruits dem daily, you ah gain weight you nuh see it a show,” Denyque sings.

The song continued, “Mi have a picture of a watermelon kotch up inna the corner of yuh mouth. Yuh tell me suck my mother, but all ah the red ah the fat you a s*ck out. People ah wam to da male stripper, all him need is a pole and dripper.”

Also dealing Popcaan the same insult, she adds, “Undercover yuh a di freakiest, mi rose nuh bad like yuh tongue.”

Popcaan previewed a diss track days ago, which did not name Denyque but played on her being a married woman and referencing the infamous watermelon t-shirt that caused the fracas between the two artists.

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Denyque caused a stir after she popped up with a t-shirt showing an image of Popcaan eating a watermelon. The melon was referencing her getting eaten, according to the shirt.

Popcaan was admonished for seeking clout using his name and insulting her about her mother. The two artistes came into the dancehall space around the same time, but Popcaan was more well-known as a hardcore dancehall artiste, while Denyque made her name as a singer. The watermelon drama has gripped dancehall as Popcaan’s former protégé 10Tik also dissed him after he smashed a watermelon and said men were not to eat watermelon.

In a recent interview with Urban Islandz, Denyque says there is no beef between herself and Popcaan and that there was no ill intensions when she donned a T-Shirt of the Unruly Boss enjoying a slice of watermelon.

“No tiff on my part,” she said. “Everybody knows I’m a t-shirt girl, always wearing t-shirts. I LOVE a good tee and I think I own way too many if you ask me. Lol. I found it on an online store called GrowHomePlease.”

In the meantime, Denyque is currently working on her new EP, R.E.A.D.Y (Release Everything And Do You), and prepping for her upcoming tour set to commence early next year.