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Evangelism via the arts

The time frame: Set in the 1950s.

The storyline: A young, successful man experiences trauma in his life. He leaves home not wanting to return. Tragedy unfolds. Will he return home, or will he stay shattered in anger?

That is the concept of playwright Samita Ferguson’s stage play “Time Heals” – a production of the Church of God of Prophecy Love Center Winter Production.

“As the world turns, there are stories that unravel and grip the heart of those who hear about tragic happenings or mended situations that were needed in order for one to cope and get up out of the ashes. Those whose journeys speak of such stories is either left crippled or changed,” said Ferguson.

“Time Heals” features the story of a young man who went through a journey of forgetting his God – but tragedy will either bring him closer to God or draw him further away.

The cast is comprised of gospel singer and drummer Jermaine Taylor, pastors Charles Johnson and Pascale Saunders as well as Michelle Ditmar, Clelia Minnis, Marvin Whitney, Arneisha Bowleg, Nathaniel Beneby Jr., and Greg “Valentino” Miller.

“The cast have embraced their character roles as it portrays the reality of what individuals are facing in this season and time of which we live,” said Ferguson.

She said people attending the play can be expected to be taken on a “journey” of songs, real talks and laughter.

Also making an appearance will be Lateka Culmer and Simmone Bowe, prophetic dancer Tenesha Euphermia and violinist Rashad Cunningham.

“I want the audience to know the importance of depending on God who is a sustainer and who will make a way where there seems to be no way; and that He will heal any situation that one may encounter,” said Ferguson. “If we can help someone as we pass along, then our living will not be in vain.”

“Time Heals” came from Ferguson’s own experience with loss and the death of her mother Helen Louise Alleyne-Taylor, along with other life situations that she said could either have broken or shifted her mindset, and that of the mindset of others.

The takeaway is that no matter the situation a person experiences, they should always remember that there is hope and that God can bring healing.

“Sometimes healing may not be automatic, but throughout the process, one must remember to trust the creator of mankind,” she said.

Penning “Time Heals” might not have entirely been cathartic for Ferguson. She likened it to journaling, and said in journaling, a person can go through healing.

“It was more taking me back to the situations, but knowing that I’m at a better place,” she said.

The approximate 45-minute play is set for December 11 at 7 p.m. at The Church of God of Prophecy Love Center.

A bonus to the evening, Ferguson and cast members will take to the stage to share personal stories and their healing which they hope may resonate with people attending. It is their hope that by sharing their stories, they can help others in the healing process of whatever they may be going through or have been impacted by as the world evolves in a pandemic era.

“We will share the whole process of depending on God. Various stories will be shared after the production in hopes to bring some comfort to others to help them realize they are not alone in their trauma and struggle, and that at the end of the day, there is hope in God, and to realize that He is the reason in the season. Ironically, every story resonated,” she said. “We decided it made sense to share stories.”

Ferguson began writing “Time Heals” in August. She said it just flowed after she was given the concept by God.

“I try to do storylines that can touch individuals, then the writing just flows. And I built on the story as we went along. I’m just the vessel God uses in terms of extending my gift of evangelism via the arts.”

Ferguson previously wrote and produced the short film “Broken” which was presented in 2019. The takeaway from the film was that people should remember that no matter what they may face in life, there is always hope at the end of the tunnel of discouragement and pain.