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Louby Georges calls on government to finalise DNA protocols for citizenship before year’s end

IMMIGRATION rights activist Louby Georges.

IMMIGRATION rights activist Louby Georges.


Tribune Staff Reporter

IMMIGRATION rights activist Louby Georges hopes the Davis administration will finalise the genetic testing protocol for people affected by a landmark court ruling before the end of the year, saying he has been bombarded with calls and visits from people affected by the verdict who still cannot get a passport.

Dr Darville said his ministry is working quickly to resolve the matter.

“Before the end of the year, we’re at the end of September right now, so that would be tremendous,” Mr Georges said. “It would be a huge achievement. It would be huge in the sense of advancement in terms of regularising individuals and allowing people to be able to have another avenue to meet their full potential and be able to contribute to the growth of the country.

Mr Georges said some people visited him, saddened by their inability to get a passport.

“I’ve met countless individuals who have come over to my consultancy firm, who reached out to me via social media, sending messages and phone calls. It was only when persons would go down there, or I made phone calls, that I actually found out that the DNA testing part of the legislation is not in effect as yet. And that was kind of shocking to me.

“It was kind of sad to see persons, their faces, their attitudes being so sad, and to hear that there's one portion of individuals that can move forward with regularising their status and others that can't at this time.”

The Privy Council affirmed in May that children born to Bahamian fathers are Bahamians at birth, regardless of their mother’s nationality.

While many such people have since obtained passports, those whose father is not identified on their birth certificate remain in limbo as the Davis administration finalises protocols for the testing regime.