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Man convicted of 2019 murder

A Supreme Court jury on Thursday convicted Dwayne Lodimus of the 2019 murder of Elroy Burrows after two hours of deliberations.

Lodimus was convicted following a three-week trial before Justice Renae McKay and a nine-member jury.

McKay will hold the penalty phase of his trial on October 24.

Eight members of the nine-woman jury found that Lodimus gunned down Burrows outside a bar on Mackey Street around 11 a.m. on March 19, 2019.

Daniel Gabriel, an off-duty policeman, said he saw a gunman running towards him after he heard about nine gunshots.

Gabriel said the man put the gun into a backpack before he got into the passenger seat of a silver car that didn’t have any license plates attached.

Lodimus and his brother, Anton Lodimus, were arrested in the parking lot of Wendy’s in the Golden Gates Plaza on April 8, 2019.

They were in a silver Honda Accord coupe with no license plates.

When police officers searched the car, they found a 9mm pistol wedged between the side front passenger seat.

According to the testimony of the firearms examiner, the seven spent casings collected from the murder scene were fired by that gun.

Gabriel picked out Lodimus as the gunman during an identification parade that was held on April 10, 2019.

Lodimus denied involvement in the murder when he was interviewed by the police. 

He didn’t give evidence at his trial. 

Defense lawyer Tonique Lewis argued that Lodimus was wrongly identified.

She said that it was impossible for Gabriel to have seen the face of a retreating man.

Gabriel, a policeman with 23 years’ experience, said that he was trained in observation and surveillance. He said that he observed the gunman, whom he later identified as Lodimus, for about 15 seconds. He said the man had a short shirt on his head, but this did not impede him from seeing his face.

Lodimus’ brother, Anton, was acquitted of murder and abetment to murder charges on Tuesday at the direction of the judge.

Uel Johnson and Perry McHardy were the prosecutors.