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Man’s foot is nearly severed in Aura club


Tribune Staff Reporter

FESTIVITIES at the Aura nightclub in Atlantis ended abruptly on Sunday night when a reveller suffered a gruesome injury that left his foot partially severed. 

A video sent to The Tribune showed a man in distress on the club’s floor as a woman carefully held his foot in her hand, trying to prevent an even worse injury.

An eyewitness recalled hearing a woman screaming for help before seeing a man on the ground with blood all around his ankle area. 

 “I saw him on the ground once the music stopped because it stopped kind of abruptly because everyone was confused and you kind of look over to the DJ’s wall and he’s on the floor and you see blood on his ankle or his foot is in a weird twisty direction,” said the woman, who asked to remain anonymous. 

 “I don’t like blood, so I was gagging and trying to run away but my friends were there, and they were looking at it and we all thought his foot snapped. We didn’t really get close enough to see like his foot was off of his body.” 

 “And so, they kicked us all out. They told us all to leave and as I was leaving, three police officers were coming inside and from there I got the video and I saw what happened and it was something else. It was wild.” 

 The woman said nothing was suspicious to suggest that a fight or a shooting occurred.  

 “That’s the part where we have no idea,” she said,  “It looks like he was shot or someone sawed his foot off, but I don’t know anything for a fact and we didn’t hear anything that sounded like a gunshot.” 

 “It was just strange.” 

 Atlantis representatives declined to comment.

 Police officials also offered no comment up to press time yesterday.