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Man sent to prison for spitting on two men near Home Fabrics and RBC on Carmichael Road

NASSAU| A nasty man who goes by the name of Owen Strapp, 51, who was feeling the pressure of lockdowns, decided to start spitting in the faces of people outside Home Fabrics on Carmichael Road on August 4th.

After his first victim, he then decided to walk across to the RBC in the area and spit in the face of another man there. Both victims alerted the police to Strapp who wore no mask and failed to follow the protocols of the social distance of “6 feet”.

After pleading guilty and telling the Deputy Chief Magistrate Andrew Forbes he spat on the men because he “Felt Like it”, Forbes then sentenced Strapp to two months in prison and charged him $500 for failing to wear a face mask.

Das something, eh? These nasty people working to spread the COVID.

We report yinner decide!

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