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New Graycliff storefront opens at port

The opening of the new Nassau Cruise Port has given Graycliff the opportunity to put all of its offerings under one roof for tourists to enjoy, General Manager of The World of Graycliff Clement McIntosh told Guardian Business Friday.

The new Graycliff storefront opened with the port Friday and includes not only the brand’s chocolates, wines and cigars, but also other Bahamian-made products.

“The idea behind The World of Graycliff is that it encompasses everything that is Graycliff, from our chocolate factory, to cigars to our wines,” McIntosh said.

“Everything here is Bahamian-made or Bahamian-owned. It’s everything that we embody.”

Guests who enter the store are first greeted by an enormous tree that features grape leaves to represent the brand’s wines, tobacco leaves to represent the brand’s cigars and cacao pods that represent the company’s chocolate factory.

Right below the tree, Graycliff features live cigar rolling.

The new cruise port has myriad Bahamian brands including My Ocean, Bamboo Shack, and 700 Wines and Spirits.

While the facade of each store within the port is fairly uniform, each brand has added their own unique flair to the interior aesthetic.

My Ocean features a centerpiece of what looks like driftwood, framing a chandelier of a multitude of their own handcrafted ceramic pieces.

They even feature a one-of-a-kind mural on the wall behind the cashier’s counter.

Though the ribbon has been cut on the new cruise port, some of the stores are still continuing to outfit their spaces.

Nassau Cruise Port has yet to find a tenant for its high-end restaurant that anchors the far western point of their property.

Executives say they are searching for the right fit for the restaurant while continuing with their theme of having Bahamian-owned brands within the footprint of the port property.

Last week, the authentically local craft marketplace area opened with cruise guests enjoying the vendor offerings pre-opening.

Those vendors, most of whom came from the port’s original building, Festival Place, said they are happy to be back at the port following construction and are happy with the flow of cruise visitors they have seen already.