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Shame on the West for failing to act forcefully on Haiti

Dear Editor,

It is time we call a spade a spade: Haiti is of little to no strategic importance to the West. How else does one explain the West’s attitude towards Haiti as compared to Ukraine for instance?

Shame on The Bahamas. Shame on CARICOM. Shame on the United States. Shame on France. Shame on countries around the world.

Under an operation styled “Institutional Restoration & Rebuilding”, the world should come together to undergird Haiti’s institutions as they are rebuilt.

The primary institutions requiring support are the police force and the judiciary.

Would such a task be difficult? There is no doubt. But how does the world not get involved as women and children in particular suffer?

Given Haiti’s and donors’ history of abusing humanitarian aid, there should be limited effort in that regard.

The longer the world waits to help Haiti, the more challenging it will become to help her heal. This matter requires urgent attention.

As Bahamians, we can help by encouraging our government to provide persistent and strong advocacy on behalf of our Haitian family.

Bahamians show embarrassing ignorance, even worse, when they argue against such level of support.

Be mindful that when you take on the West’s attitude towards Haiti, you effectively endorse their views of you, too.

Lindon Nairn