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The FNM needs Minnis to win

Dear Editor,

I read with interest a letter which appeared in The Nassau Guardian last Thursday under the hand of one “The Mackey Street Man”, which was titled, “The way Forward for the FNM in 2023”.

I tell you, I must concur without a doubt with this writer when he says, in order for the FNM to return to government, it must change its leader.

I have tried my hardest to give Michael Pintard the benefit of the doubt in his over-one-year stint as leader of the FNM and leader of His Majesty’s Loyal opposition.

Needless to say, the poet came up short.

No time to cry about this, we must act now and remove him period!

But it is here that myself and The Mackey Street Man’s similar thoughts end.

I am convinced that there is one undisputed replacement for Pintard and that is none other than the former prime minister, Dr. Hubert Alexander Minnis.

You see, none of the other individuals whose names were offered by The Mackey Street Man sit in Parliament at this time.

I think the fact that they have no seat and no way to determine if people even still regard them, disqualifies them.

Having a seat in Parliament, I think, is crucial, if you want to contend for the top seat.

The idea that an opportunity for a seat may present itself if a Long Island bye-election is called is again wishful thinking.

Why would the FNM want to fight a bye-election with the PLP now? Certainly, this is something the party should avoid, if it can.

It is the PLP that needs an opportunity to show that it is still popular, not the FNM.

The FNM only needs now to change its leader and get back on the ground.

There is no doubt that Dr. Minnis is the man the FNM needs to take the party to victory.

Firstly, his performance in Parliament is unmatched. No one in that Parliament can stand toe to toe with him.

Secondly, we all know that Dr. Minnis possesses real organizing skills, and his is unbeatable in Killarney.

We know that the record is now becoming clear that in the worst of times, he did far better than the PLP has done in the best times.

Much of the tourism success and other positives we have experienced must be credited to the work of the Minnis administration.

The recent crime numbers and failed immigration policy are a direct result of a departure from the Minnis administration’s strategic plans.

The PLP changed the commodore of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force (RBDF).

Both the RBDF and the police force made a shift in the direction from the plans that the former commodore and commissioner were implementing.

I mean, they (the PLP) departed from everything that made sense.

Look at what happened over at Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) with the hedging plan. They abandoned the strategy and now we have a huge increase in our power bills. I mean, this is crazy!

Yes, we did have our share of problems while in the seat of government, but as the man on the street is saying it was never this bad under Minnis.

People feel it is in our best interest to give Dr. Minnis a go at the prime ministership now!

The people honestly believe that our country would do far better under Dr. Minnis free of all the global and regional challenges he faced.

In every corner you go, people are saying we are ready to go with Minnis.

I have seen him out in public and the warm embraces and greetings he is receiving from the public can tell you people are ready to give Dr. Minnis a second chance.

People who were once so hard on him are now saying he wasn’t that bad. And I am witnessing a turnaround all over social media as PLP supporters are now even crediting Dr. Minnis for being impartial when it came to distributing job opportunities for Bahamians while he was prime minister.

More and more, day after day, the chorus is getting stronger: MINNIS IS THE MAN.

So, Mackey Street Man, tell the FNM the way forward for the FNM in February 2024 or before, just go; let’s go with the man the people want!

There is no need to complicate stuff. Pintard out and Dr. Minnis in.

A word to the wise has always been sufficient.

The Councilman