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The solution to crime 

Dear Editor,

I have been reading with interest the letters to the editor along with the cries by various politicians demanding that we do something about crime and the killings.

I am sure I have found the solution, backed up by decades of brilliant studies and careful research.

It may take a bit of time, but certainly no longer than the time it took to create this newest class of criminals operating today in our Bahamas.

The solution is simple and straightforward: raise good children and provide a community that is supportive of human decency.

Reading our daily papers, it becomes clear that we have failed in these endeavors.

“It takes a village” is something that our ancestors clearly understood.

For many reasons, too many to discuss here, we have neglected the daily responsibilities it takes to guide and supervise a generation or two of our children.

Worse, we have failed to provide the positive and supportive family units, whereby children are allowed to thrive, grow and learn in a safe environment.

The national commitment to education has fallen flat and has rung hollow as evidenced by the dismal outcomes. I do not blame only the government, despite both the FNM and PLP having abjectly failed to create conditions supportive of human decency. I place the blame on us.

We can talk about getting guns off the street. Just like we did with alcohol in prohibition and drugs today. That worked so well, hey?

Only proving that the police haven’t a clue how to solve crime, either. But to continue to ignore the real reasons for the collapse of our civil society is counterproductive. The information is out there, despite our clinging to ignorance.

Parents who are in touch with their children, present in their everyday lives and truly invested in their success, are rarely surprised by what their kids do. Sure, some of us slip through the cracks. But not enough to prove us wrong in being sure of the absolute and overarching cure for the problem of crime.

When children go to school, they need to have all of the resources necessary – safety, food, scholastic materials, and enough quality teachers to produce the outcomes we are proud of and that are necessary for our nation to excel.

Further, not as an argument for religion, true Christians are not criminals. So, another failure of our society. This speaks directly to our Christian leadership.

When we fail to raise children who respect life, are respectful of others, and understand their civic responsibilities, the outcome is exactly what occupies our news headlines each and every day.

This solution to crime may not be the quickest, but it is the only one proven to work.


– Porcupine