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What is our plan?

EDITOR, The Tribune.

The Bahamas is still grappling with COVID and its aftermath. People are still driving in vehicles alone with windows up or walking alone on the street wearing masks.

Skin drying and irritating hand sanitisers and temperature checks are still done at many groceries stores, but people were mixing it up at a government-approved Carnival event just days ago.

There are talks about the rapidity of the spread of Monkeypox internationally. I believe one case was recently found in Florida and yet I have heard nothing from the Ministry of Health about this potential threat to the livelihoods of Bahamians.

Successive Bahamian governments have a history of being reactive rather than being proactive when addressing problems.

It seems the past two years have taught us nothing. It would be wonderful if the government unequivocally states its position on COVID, the current less virulent strain and mask wearing.

Will masks be mandatory or left to personal discretion unless Carnivalling?

Will the government articulate a sensible plan to advise the public of its position and intentions regarding Monkeypox, or do we need to have cases here first before they talk about it? Inquiring minds want to know!



May 23, 2022.