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Young woman hopes donations help her get life altering surgery


Tribune Staff Reporter

A 21-YEAR-OLD is seeking a life-changing operation, with aspirations to be a participant of life rather than the spectator that her medical condition makes her.

“I just want people to honestly take pity on me,” Keiranique Dorsett said yesterday.

“Put themselves in my shoes. To know what it is to just feel like you’re existing and not living. I want people to be able to offer any kind of help they could provide me.”

Ms Dorsett, affectionately called “Precious,” said that after spending most of her life in isolation and pain she longs for more.

Ms Dorsett is challenged with different medical conditions, including club finger, and also has a rare condition that has taken a significant toll on her life. Having been born with fibular hemimelia, Ms Dorsett was born without fibular bones.

As a result, she has no ligaments in her left leg, which contributes to her left knee dislocating inadvertently.

Ms Dorsett has limited mobility, as she is unable to stand, walk, or do basic life chores for extended periods of time without experiencing pain due to her condition.

This harsh reality continues to negatively affect her life as she continuously suffers from depression and anxiety.

“When I was a kid, it didn’t really bother me as much, but as I get older and seeing people that I grew up with, seeing my peers go to parties, doing just the basic stuff that I can’t do, it kind of affects me mentally.

“Because it’s like I feel like I’m missing out on so many stuffs because of my condition,” she told The Tribune yesterday.

“It doesn’t feel good to be an adult and be so co-dependent on other people. Sometimes I still feel like I’m a child, and I’m not.”

Having exhausted all avenues locally, Ms Dorsett has sought assistance abroad. In recent weeks Ms Dorsett was given another chance of hope after visiting Paley Orthopaedic and Spine Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida.

The surgery is estimated to cost $210k.

Having recently lost her father, Ms Dorsett said she is solely dependent on her mother to provide financial assistance, hence the reason she is seeking the public’s assistance.

“So, I started my GoFundMe ( about two weeks now, and I’m a bit sad that it isn’t progressing as I thought it would.

“But I know that my goal is a huge goal and I know some people don’t have that kind of money, but I would just encourage people to donate anything they can.

“$1, $2, I don’t care what it is, anything that can get me closer to my goal would be very helpful.”

Despite her adversities, Ms Dorsett is determined to fulfill her dream, which served as a sense of relief through her darkest hour.

“My greatest dream is to be a filmmaker and a writer.

“Because of my condition I couldn’t go out like a normal teen so I spent a lot of time in the house and it was really difficult for me.

“So, to escape, all of the depression, all the pain and stuff, I started to watch a lot of television and I just fell in love with writing, storytelling, filmmaking, all of that.”

If you wish to donate, contact Ms Dorsett at (242)819-2597 or her GoFundMe link at