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Belmopan City Council Organize Imari Galvez Peace March and Vigil

May 23, 2023

Belmopan City Council Organize Imari Galvez Peace March and Vigil

An entire week has passed since the lifeless body of nineteen-year-old Imari Galvez was discovered in a state of decomposition off the Hummingbird Highway. The Belmopan resident is believed to have been on a night out in the city before she was lured to her death. Her family laid her to rest on Friday. Police are yet to make an arrest, as their investigation continues. On Monday night, the Belmopan City Council organized a peace march and vigil in memory of Imari Galvez, News Five’s Paul Lopez filed the following report with the help of our colleagues at Plus TV.

Paul Lopez, Reporting

On Monday night, a peace march and candlelight vigil in memory of slain teenager Imari Galvez was held in Belmopan. Family members of the nineteen-year-old marched alongside other community members in somber reflection of her life and the gruesome circumstances that led to her demise. The march ended in front of the Sir George Brown Field where Stanley Galvez, the father of Imari, addressed those in attendance.

Imari Galvez

Voice of Stanley Galvez, Father of Imari Galvez

“It is sad to say that the case fall through the cracks. Tonight I believe if we come together, firm a coalition, work together, anything weh happen together yow ah get results. Insanity means you will do the same thing over and expect different results. If you do the same thing over and over you will get the same results from the same time. Tonight I dah like a mad man, but I calm down myself. I wish that the person weh commit this crime will be brought to justice.”

Anger, that is the emotion Stanley Galvez says he feels. But, he also says that he is hopeful police will solve his daughter’s murder. Oscar Mira, the area representative for Belmopan, in his address, spoke about the actions that are needed to prevent these types of incidents.

Oscar Mira

Oscar Mira, Area Representative, Belmopan

“I am the father of two girls, and I would like my neighbors, my Belmopan community to look after them when I am not around. I would like ouy4r community in Belmopan to look after each other, look after our children. It is never easy to lose a loved one, never. But it is worst when you see the circumstances under which Imari have left us. I am appealing to everyone, if anyone has seen or heard something, suspect something. Please don’t keep it to yourself, say something tell someone.”

Mira says he has spoken with Minister of Home Affairs Kareem Musa, who has assured him that the police will do everything within their power to ensure that a thorough investigation is carried out.  Emil Waight, the Vice President of the Belize Youth Movement, shared these thought provoking words to the gathering.

Emil Waight

Emil Waight, Vice President, Belize Youth Movement

“As we gather today, candles lit, and hearts shattered with our minds wondering how many more? Is peace no longer an option? Bloodshed after bloodshed, tear prompted by the fears of the future of our youths, the future we planted have not been given time to bear. Every so bright future has been clouded by bad a shadow that brings forth pain and stain to our beloved community. How many watery eyes will it take to realize that the promise the young people of our future is just lies. Enough with the condolences it is time for solutions and answers.”

Stanley Galvez

“If you hear something then yo she something. We need fih mek the criminal stop the run the streets like weh pastor Wade the seh, more for we and less for them.”

Reporting for News Five, I am Paul Lopez.