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Body Found in Shallow Grave in Biscayne

Jun 26, 2023

Body Found in Shallow Grave in Biscayne

Iran “Basco” Jones

He went missing about two weeks ago and on Saturday afternoon, someone passing through a freshly-surfaced feeder road in Biscayne Village stumbled upon the decomposing of human remains believed to be those of thirty-year-old Iran “Basco” Jones. The Belize City resident had just relocated to Hattieville after he had testified in the murder trial of Eric Miranda and Jeffrey Contreras. Miranda and Contreras are accused of the fatal shooting of Sean Menzies outside his house on Lancaster Street in 2018. Jones, whose mother had said last week that he relocated out of fear for his life, went looking for food two Tuesday’s ago and was never seen alive again. Now, the family prepares to bury their loved one as police try to solve the murder. Marion Ali reports.

Marion Ali, Reporting

This was the shallow grave where human remains believed to be those of Iran “Basco” Jones were discovered on Saturday in Biscayne Village. While the remains are thought to be those of Jones, Assistant Commissioner of Police Hilberto Romero stated that no positive identification has been made thus far.

Hilberto Romero

A.C.P. Hilberto Romero, Regional Commander, Eastern Division

“On Saturday, 24th day of June, 2023, around 2. 30 p. m., police responded to a report at Biscayne Village. Upon their arrival, they found human remains, decomposed in a shallow grave. The remains have been removed from the area and are awaiting a post mortem examination. We have not established the identity as yet, as that will be revealed after the mortem is conducted.”

A villager told News Five today that the area where the remains were found is a feeder road that has just been surfaced.

Voice of: Biscayne resident

“It’s a new road. B.D.F have some property da back, so the build the road when dehn could get to the property.”

Marion Ali

“And then you and other villagers also frequent it for your own use? You say you all come to cut wood here?”

Voice of: Biscayne resident

“Mm hmm. We cut wood, we exercise through this road, everything.”

Marion Ali

“And then, so, the day before the body was found, you all were through here and got no sign of what was in there?”

Voice of: Biscayne resident

“Yeah, no idea. We trafficked this road just Friday morning, you know? Yeah. And then Saturday we hear that they find a body.”

The community is concerned that criminals who are familiar with the lay of the land are using the area for these kinds of activities and unsuspecting residents can innocently happen upon the act while going about their own business.

Voice of: Biscayne resident

“Da nuh no stranger come do that. They have to be familiar. I guess if you roll up pahn dehn guys do do things like this dehn wa kill yoh.”

Today the family wouldn’t talk to the media, but last Thursday, Jones’ mother, Sherlene Gonzalez told us that they found out he was a witness in the Sean Menzies murder trial and that after he had testified, he was relocated to Hattieville. But the same night he went looking for food in the village and never returned home.

Sherlene Gonzalez

Sherlene Gonzalez, Mother of Iran Jones

“The same Tuesday that someone took them to Hattieville. Because according to, after the trial had finished, he was to relocate because he was fearful for his life. She call me on the Wednesday and she said to me, Mom, she say, I don’t know how to tell you this. I say, what? I say, tell me. She say, your son went Tuesday night to get food and hasn’t returned.”

Police offered no information about Jones being a crown witness in a murder case

A.C.P. Hilberto Romero

“I will not reveal that information. We are following several leads that we have and that is all I will say about that.”

Jones was expecting his first child to be born in October.

Marion Ali for News Five.