Cricket Corner – “It only hurts for a little while. That’s what they tell me; that’s what they say.”

Cricket Corner – “It only hurts for a little while. That’s what they tell me; that’s what they say.”

BELIZE CITY, Thurs. July 18, 2019– Pleasant time of the day to all cricket enthusiasts! Again, under the auspices of the Belize National Cricket Association (BNCA), the Sir Barry Bowen/ Harrison Parks Cricket Competition continues with the playoffs.

On Saturday last at Lords Bank the tie-breaker between Summer Fever vs BDF ended with BDF as the victor. This match had started on the 6th, but because of rain it had to be stopped, and resumed last weekend (July 13). BDF had scored 239. Summer Fever tried their best to cover the score, but fell short by 17 runs, scoring 222 runs. For BDF, Jerry Casasola top scored with 68, followed by Alexander Reynolds with 44; and T. Samuels took 6 wickets. For Summer Fever, George Hinds scored 56, while B. Sutherland took 4 wickets. That loss causes Summer Fever to finish this year’s season. Best wishes for the entire team, as you all have performed excellently throughout the regular season. Yes, there might have been some obstacles, but with professionalism you endured all and lost by a close margin. You all have made your fans and families proud of your performance. Better times next season!

After three weekends of postponement, the match between Excellence and Berlan, where Berlan had won the first of a three-game series, came to a heart breaking end when Excellence won with a nail biting finish. This game was played at Landing with Berlan taking to bat first. Before the game started, a few players of Berlan could be heard saying, “We will destroy Excellence today and send them to fish.”

Well, at the starting of the game everything was not in Berlan’s favor, as wickets fell in this order: 1 for 1; 2 for 1; 3 for 2; 4 for 6; 5 for 8; 6 for 8. The game took a drastic change when Lemont Russel, who went in as the 6th batsman, started to “use” the bowlers. When the 7th wicket fell, the score was 108; then 8 for 153; 9 for 172; all for 185. That’s an impressive score.

Lemont was caught, but not before scoring 95. Keenan Flowers for Excellence took 4 of Berlan wickets.

Now it’s time for Excellence to prove their skills excellently. As good as Sham’s bowling was, who took 4 wickets, runs were scored in this pattern: 1 for 17; 2 for 22; 3 for 61; 4 for 104; 5 for 165; 6 for 165; 7 for 177; 8 for 177; 9 for 183; and when the last batsman went in, Berlan’s score was beaten. Excellence scored 190, leaving the last two batsmen intact. Ian Broaster top scored with 48.

The tie-breaker (Berlan vs Excellence) will be at Lords Bank on Sunday at 11:00 a.m. One team will go hunting.

Again, games at Lords Bank and BDF this Sunday at 11:00 a.m. The reason for the Sunday match at BDF is that the Army have some important business to attend to on Saturday.

Come out, fans, and enjoy the gentlemen’s sport of cricket. Let’s be professional at all times. May the best team move on with satisfaction.

Love and respect to all; bye bye!

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