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How Much Will the Revision of the Constitution Cost Us?

Jun 20, 2023

How Much Will the Revision of the Constitution Cost Us?

Anthony Chanona

Earlier in the newscast, you heard about the People’s Constitution Commission being ready to launch its public outreach strategy, as it begins the revision of the Constitution of Belize. That strategy speaks to various zones across the country and will include simultaneously engaging with the voting population, as well as schools across the country on the rule of law, governance, legislature, accountability and finance, public service and local government. But how much is this process going to cost the Belizean people? Chairman Anthony Chanona says it will come in at seven point two million dollars.

Anthony Chanona, Chair, People’s Constitution Commission

“The 2023/2024 fiscal budget read an approval of one point five million of a seven point two million budget that was submitted, so we have a five point seven million deficit. Now, you might ask where does the seven point two? Remember, the I.C.J. cost this country fifteen million dollars to get a yes vote. The government had an agenda to fund a yes vote. We are funding an education vote. We want the people of Belize to understand what they have in the constitution and then to be able to consult with them what they would want to change to make Belize better. The fact that there are so many issues happening right now in our country, we believe that it would provide traction that the people of Belize might say another senate inquiry is good, but what is driving the root cause of so many senate inquiries? Is there something structurally wrong with the way we government the executive, govern the legislature, govern…? And so we need to find the money to be able to conduct these exercises across the country. And so, to answer your question, the supplementary hopefully will take us into the deficit area and it is somewhere between the fifteen million, which was the I.C.J., and the cost of our marijuana referendum was how much? Five million. So we are at seven. So we are just between the marijuana and the I.C.J.”