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Kite Flying and Remembering Baron Bliss on Heroes and Benefactors Day

Mar 9, 2023

Kite Flying and Remembering Baron Bliss on Heroes and Benefactors Day

It’s kite season, an annual tradition that has for many years firmly taken root in Belizean culture.  While handmade kites are no longer as popular as they once were in the eighties and nineties, flying kites during the month of March is an enduring pastime.  It also ties in with Child Stimulation Month, as it is an activity that is sure to excite the kids.  Earlier today, it being the ninth of March, we caught up with the children from Church of Christ Preschool this morning, where they were learning how to fly a kite after having visited the Baron Bliss grave.  Here’s Isani Cayetano with our second Belize on Reel feature.

Isani Cayetano, Reporting

“Go fly a kite” is an expression used to tell someone who is being annoying to go away.  It’s also a phrase that has become synonymous with March ninth, a time of year when many Belizeans launch these light framework covered in thin material, flown for fun in the wind at the end of a long string.  This morning, a handful of infants, parents and teachers descended on B.T.L. Park to do just that.

Keisha Williams

Keisha Williams, Head Teacher, Church of Christ Preschool

“In the reference that we celebrated Baron Bliss holiday on Monday, we decided today as a school and we joined along with the parents to bring out the students to teach them about all the events about Baron Bliss and what he has done.  We went to the tomb, showed them around and then after that we did a tradition, as we know from our Children’s Days, flying kites and now we came to BTL Park and have all the students fly kites out here.  We help them, we assist them and they are having a lot of fun at this time.”

In days of yore, kites were made by hand, using materials found at home, including straws gleaned from coconut leaves, plastic bags, glue and spools of thread.  Today, kites are still colorful and magnificent to behold aloft, but they are all mass manufactured in a factory somewhere.  As part of Child Stimulation Month, Church of Christ Preschool has invited parents to participate in the activities.  Keera Clare is a mother of two.

Keera Clare

Keera Clare, Parent

“First of all, I feel like, “How will I do that?  I’ve never flown a kite before.”  You know, and today was really amazing, the kids are having fun, you know, and I’m really excited about it and excited about it for them and being here sharing it with them, you know, because last year they missed out and this year I’m on top of my game with it.”

Isani Cayetano

“Is there anything you want to say about Child Stimulation Month and what your kids are learning from the preschool they are attending?”

Keera Clare

“They are learning a lot and this year, well last year they missed out, this is my daughter’s first year so she is experiencing it and they are having a blast.”

For Head Teacher Keisha Williams, the enthusiasm among the kids is enough for her to acknowledge the success of today’s outing.

Keisha Williams

“It’s extremely exciting because I never thought that they were going to have so much fun and me being here taking pictures, running around, helping them flying kites, it’s like something amazing.  When their kites are up, they are so excited, “Teacher, teacher, come and look, look, look and that makes you feel so excited and makes you feel happy to be out here and doing stuff with them.”

While many of these children were, for the first time, learning about the great financial supporter that was Baron Bliss on Heroes and Benefactors Day, we reflect on the British-born traveler who willed nearly two million Belize dollars to a trust fund for the benefit of the citizens of what was then the colony of British Honduras.  Henry Edward Victor de Barreto, as he was formally known, died on March 9th, 1926.  For Keera Clare, history lesson aside, it’s a great day to enjoy a field trip with her kids.

Keera Clare

“It’s just a day to come out, a month of full activities for kids, you know and they will enjoy it.  And my son, this is his last year so I got to, you know, help him to make him feel good, you know, having his last experience because I don’t think they have much activities at primary school, but preschool, it’s all fun and learning.”

Isani Cayetano for News Five.