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Ladyville Chairman Grew Up With Victim and the Suspect

Apr 20, 2023

Ladyville Chairman Grew Up With Victim and the Suspect

Bernardo Bennett

Chairman of Ladyville, Bernardo Bennett, also told News Five that the incident brings back eerie memories of what happened over a decade ago, when an entire family was murdered inside their home. Bennett speaks about the deceased woman and the accused man that he grew up with decades ago.

Bernardo Bennett, Chairman, Ladyville

“I just tell myself it’s déjà vu all over again because we had experienced something like this ten years ago, involving the Skeen family. And it’s a family issue again. I know Miss Dez and Mister Migs very, very good; we all grow up in Ladyville here. As a matter of fact, Miss Desiree’s mother and sister live a stone’s throw from this establishment and also Miguel’s family members. So it is definitely shocking to know about this and the community wil continue reeling because we have been experiencing a number of deaths in our community. I don’t think they had any kids together. I believe they’ve been together probably some three to five years. They are always business minded when you talk to them. Mister Miguel, he owns his barber shop from the tender age of about sixteen and cutting hair up to now. Miss Dez has been doing business, insurance and doing hair and all sort of stuff. And then they join together here, opening this restaurant here for probably over a year now. So it is very shocking. They seem to have been doing very well, they seem to have been happy together. When we visit here, when we see them on street and talk, they are always holding hands, going about their business.”