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Opposition Leader Criticizes PM Briceño Over Leaked Cabinet Paper

May 30, 2023

Opposition Leader Criticizes PM Briceño Over Leaked Cabinet Paper

The Definitive Agreement between the Barrow administration and Portico Enterprises Limited back in October 2020, remains a hot button issue among parliamentarians on both sides of the floor.  On Monday, Prime Minister John Briceño went on record to express his frustration with the disclosure of a white paper that was recently presented to Cabinet on the proposed Port of Magical Belize tourism development project.  His colleague, Fort George Area Representative Henry Charles Usher, also appeared in the media criticizing the legality of the Definitive Agreement signed by former Minister of Economic Development Erwin Contreras.  Earlier today, the Leader of the Opposition had a say on the controversial document, describing it as perhaps the most shocking arrangement entered into by the Government of Belize.  This morning, Shyne Barrow went in on the prime minister, raking him over the coals for presenting the Definitive Agreement, as well as the accompanying white paper to Cabinet.

Shyne Barrow

Shyne Barrow, Leader of the Opposition

“The Definitive Agreement is one of the most horrendous pieces of agreement that I have seen and wholesaling everything to a foreign entity and the fact that the prime minister was going along with this Definitive Agreement and saying that it was binding and there was nothing that he could do and presenting it to Cabinet so that he could present it to the legislature to pass is abhorrent and we really need to question why.  I can tell you why.  One of the first things you can look at, and ask him, he can’t deny it.  Haisam Diab, the same gentleman that was giving him his office before he was prime minister, when he was Leader of the Opposition.  He occupied his premises for offices and then after, they did a big contract to continue renting his premises.  His good, good, good friend, and some say his business partner.  Some say da noh ih business partner, but he has all the land, he has all the land that Portico will have to purchase.  So that’s just one example.”