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Patrick Faber Hopes for an Audience with U.D.P. National Party Council This Weekend

Mar 28, 2023

Patrick Faber Hopes for an Audience with U.D.P. National Party Council This Weekend

Patrick Faber

Patrick Faber, the five-time Area Representative for Collet, is back to business as a card-carrying member of the United Democratic Party. Back in early 2022, Faber stepped down as leader of the U.D.P. At the time, his personal life and political career were marred by allegations of domestic abuse. In the wake of his resignation, Moses “Shyne” Barrow ascended to the leadership of the party when he emerged victorious over Tracy Panton during a leadership convention. In August of the same year, Faber was removed from the U.D.P.’s Central Executive Committee because he had failed to comply with a request for him to remove social media posts he made against the party and its current leader. A few weeks later, the U.D.P. Nominations Committee rejected his application for Collet Standard Bearer on grounds that he continued to refuse to follow the directive of the National Party Council to not make any public criticisms of the party. In his place, the U.D.P. endorsed Ian Jones as the standard bearer for the Collet constituency.  But, tonight, Faber is more hopeful than he has been over the past several months that he will regain his seat in Collet. He already has the public support of the former Area Representative for Belmopan, John Saldivar. And, during his appearance on Open Your Eyes this morning, Faber announced that an N.P.C. meeting is scheduled for later this week where he hopes to have an audience on his candidacy in Collet.

Patrick Faber, Area Representative, Collet

“We are at a stage in our party’s life that we need to be unified. We need to work together to be strong and that is what I am hoping for. We have a National Party Council meeting coming up this weekend where we hope to resolve some very key issues. I am hoping among that will be the issue of my candidacy in Collet. I will say this because this is my understanding of what the situation is. What happened with Mr. Jones, happened because of a larger issue, the larger issue of the inability for the leader, the current leader, and myself to get things right. And so if I was not going to be the candidate, Ian felt that, uh, he would be a natural fit. So that is what it is. And so I feel that if we’re able to, as a party and more particularly if we’re able to,  between he and I, the leader of the party, work things out, then those matters will fall in place. And I, I am optimistic. I’m hopeful that we’re able to work those matters out in very short order. I also feel very strongly about, um, running for my constituency. I am not going to abandon them, so when people say, or people hear me say that, I will run independent, I want people to understand that that would be my absolutely last option. My first love, my first commitment is to the United Democratic Party.”