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Senator Elrington Uses Facebook Post to Slam Government on State of Health System

Mar 29, 2023

Senator Elrington Uses Facebook Post to Slam Government on State of Health System

Elrington also criticized the government for the state of the public healthcare system and the cost of medication for some medical conditions. He used the plight of Glenn Tillett, a former officer in the government’s health system, who complained of the woes he faces trying to cover his medical expenses. Elrington read from one of Tillett’s Facebook posts, which underscores some of the expenses that Tillett must face in order to live from week to week.

Orson “OJ” Elrington

Orson “OJ” Elrington, Senator, U.D.P

“He says and I quote, “I have a good friend and some acquaintances who criticized me for complaining publicly about my struggles with my chronic illness. They prefer that I was much more stoic in the face of calamity of these adversities that have befallen me over the past several years. I am very grateful that I am still alive today due to the compassion of the generosity of relatives and acquaintances, some of whom were virtually strangers until they reached out. I can never thank them enough. This week I was finally able to purchase six medications from which I paid two hundred and fifty dollars with, which I can continue treating the symptoms of heart. Last week I also bought ninety-five dollars worth of medications, knowing full well that three of them are only two to three week supply. These medications I must take daily, some daily, some twice daily, and some twice daily. I am also receiving a supplement intravenously that costs two hundred dollars per vial, and of which I am to get five at a cost of one thousand dollars. I also must pay two hundred dollars weekly for dialysis. My monthly healthcare bill is near fifteen hundred dollars, and this is without supplements, author tests, examinations, consultations, and the light. Our system is truly a system where the rich will live and the poor will die premature. Because the standard of healthcare needed is unaffordable. Increasingly, I get angry as I see the gaps in the system where we can do better, much better. I do not want to lash out at anyone or anything, but I am frustrated and near irate at the slow pace of that change for the better end of court.” Now, anybody that knows Glenn Tillett knows he, as I said to begin with, is no UDP sympathizer. He is a P.U.P, an ordinary P.U.P who is facing the realities that we’re living. He like most Belizeans, are not living in this alternative reality that the P.U.P Cabinet and members apparently are living in. The reality is he’s not alone. Hundreds and thousands, if not thousands of other Belizeans are facing this dire reality.”