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Shyne Says G.O.B. Shouldn’t Negotiate with Royal Caribbean

Jun 13, 2023

Shyne Says G.O.B. Shouldn’t Negotiate with Royal Caribbean

Waterloo’s letter to the Attorney General comes hard on the heels of another dispatch that was written by Opposition Leader Shyne Barrow to the C.E.O. Jason Liberty, of the Royal Caribbean Group on June twelfth.  Earlier today, Barrow sat with the media to discuss the letter and the concerns that were raised with the Chief Executive Officer regarding the Memorandum of Understanding the publicly traded company has entered into with Portico and Boskalis, notwithstanding the hotly-debated Definitive Agreement.

Shyne Barrow

Shyne Barrow, Leader of the Opposition

“When it comes to Royal Caribbean, I think that there should be no negotiation on the part of the government with Royal Caribbean and if I were Royal Caribbean, I would have nothing to do with Portico and they would have to go on a pause. Portico had to have known that the signature of the former minister, without Cabinet approval, without Cabinet acknowledgement, without the subcommittee from the Cabinet, was worthless.  You could have signed that.  I mean, not because you are minister means that you are not answerable to Cabinet and that is the reason why all governments, when they bring legislation to the House of Representatives, the last words they say is, “and this has the recommendation of Cabinet.”  And Portico was in the process of being reviewed of being reviewed by the Cabinet and the Cabinet subcommittee, so to get a signature from the former minister before that Cabinet and subcommittee review was concluded, again, to me, was unethical and highly inappropriate.”