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Still No CBA between K.H.M.H. Workers Union and Hospital Management

Jun 8, 2023

Still No CBA between K.H.M.H. Workers Union and Hospital Management

As we have reported, the K.H.M.H. Workers Union has called the construction of the hospital into question.  The concern is that a shortage of nurses and doctors already exists. It is a concern that the Minister of Health says his ministry is continuously working to address, adding that the medical training component of the proposed hospital in Belmopan is a part of their solution. We also asked Minister Bernard for an update on a pending Collective Bargaining Agreement that will be presented to the K.H.M.H. management. Back in February, when union members protested the shortage and quality of medical supplies at the hospital, it was agreed that they would spend the next six months drafting the C.B.A. Four months have passed. Here is what the minister of health told us today.

Kevin Bernard

Kevin Bernard, Minister of Health and Wellness

“Remember what was said at that last strategic meeting that we had,  was that the union had to go back to come up with a collective bargaining agreement, which will work in tandem with the KHMH Authority. And so, the ball is in their hands, in their court to come up. They had been given, nurse Beard was given as the president representing the union was given enough time already and was extended. But let me say this, I know that they have been constant engagement by the board. We have a new chairman and he has been very proactive in his approach. In fact, I have a meeting with him tomorrow to discuss the plans that he has seen within engagement, how we can go and adjust some of the same things you are talking about but what you call the collective bargaining agreement, it’s not a overnight plan. It has to ensure that it’s well thought out. It has to benefit the institution, the employees, and of course the benefits of all, which at the end are the patients who visit the institution.”